Running On Empty

In today’s busy world, we spend our time going from one task to the next, from one responsibility to another. We expend our energy, time and efforts, and we end up depleted and exhausted.

Today, God is calling to us, “Come away with Me. Rest and be refreshed in My presence.”

Just as a pitcher of water cannot be poured out without running empty, we cannot pour ourselves out without coming to the end of ourselves. It may begin to manifest in health issues, depression, angry outbursts, or a number of other problems. If we continue without a refilling, we are headed for a point where we will crash and burn.

Before we get to that point, we must make the time to get with our Father. We can get re-energized in His presence. We can be refilled by His Spirit. We can be renewed by His Word. We can be reassured by His love.

Here are practical things we can do to keep from “running out of gas:”

  • Daily read and meditate on scripture. There is life in the Word.

  • Pray in the Holy Spirit. It builds us up in our most holy faith.

  • Worship Him. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  • Don’t worry about things you cannot control. Give it over to God and let Him handle it for you.

  • Follow common sense tips for healthy living:

    • Eat nutritionally rich foods.

    • Get enough sleep.

  • Go to church. Fellowship with other believers will lift us up.

We cannot keep going, going, going, and think that we will not pay the price. We must come apart with God before we actually come apart.

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