Dr. Jim Reish and Janean Reish

Our passion is providing balanced, biblical teaching and spiritual tools to help believers grow in Christ and put down deep roots in their faith. We believe you will be inspired, uplifted and equipped. May this website encourage you to develop a close, vibrant, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ that impacts every area of your life. 

Get To Know Us:


Dr. Jim Reish

I am:

  • A passionate preacher & teacher of the Word- Can’t stop talking about Jesus!

  • A sincere student of the Bible- Been in love with the Word of God for almost 40 years.

  • Qualified- I have a Doctor of Ministry degree in Theology.

  • A worshipper- Love to play my guitar & piano for the Lord.

  • Holy Ghost filled- Wow, what a powerful thing to be overflowing with His Spirit!

  • Happy to be living in beautiful Texas. Yeehaw!

  • A Dallas Cowboys fan.

  • A blessed man- I love my wife- She spoils me, and I enjoy every minute of it!


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Janean Reish

I am:

  • A daughter of the King- Yes, I’m a princess!

  • Called to teach the Word of God- Master’s degree in Theology.

  • An exceptional communicator- when I talk, I like to say something worth hearing!

  • Holy Ghost-filled. Do I speak in tongues? Of course!

  • An encourager. God thinks you are awesome and so do I.

  • A fan of the 3 C’s: Christ, Coffee & Chocolate.

  • Still in love with my husband- Man of faith & power!